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Our Coaches

The People Who Make Us Amazing

Coach Brad Barrick | Aegis MMA | Oakville, ON

Brad Barrick

Overlying belief as a coach:

"Martial arts is a great way to build confidence, especially for kids."

- BJJ purple belt;

- Up and coming amateur MMA fighter, with kickboxing, Muay Thai, and BJJ competition experience;

- Cornered professional and amateur fighters;

- 5 years coaching experience of all ages.


Paul Jalbert

- BJJ black belt;

4 professional MMA fights;

Over 10 years of full-time coaching experience;

Coach and corner for professional athletes at the highest levels

Coach Lucas Chaston | Aegis MMA | Oakville, ON

Lucas Chaston

Overlying belief as a coach:

"Community and systematic information should be the cornerstone to martial arts and a gym."

- 3rd degree Karate black belt;

- Krav Maga black belt;

- Over 20 amateur kickboxing fights;

- 4 amateur MMA fights;

- Coaching 13 years, students of all ages;

- Coached multiple professional and amateur fighters;

- Worked with numerous police and military units;

- Police foundations graduate;

- 10 years security experience.


Thomas Anilowski

- BJJ brown belt;

- Up & coming professional MMA fighter;

- 5 - 1 amateur MMA fighter

Coach Lyndon Whitlock | Aegis MMA | Oakville, ON

Lyndon Whitlock

Overlying belief as a coach:

"A good work out and correct information can be a part of the same class."

- 16 professional MMA fights;

- BJJ black belt;

- Over 10 years of full time coaching experience;

- Coached and cornered professional athletes all over the world in premier organizations, such as UFC and Bellator MMA;

- Worked with numerous police and military units.

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